Project Description

Another Venice

Everybody knows Venice but few ones know the North Lagoon and its islands because they are mainly private properties.
Authentic charming oasis, cocoon of fishing and hunting centuries-old traditions, preserved since their service to the Doges and the Serenissima Republic.

Cycling in the Lagoon

You can have the opportunity to ride on the edge of the North Lagoon, embarking on a typical boat and reaching in 20 minutes a private island surrounded by the Lagoon with the Torcello bell tower as only witness. You can live the privilege of visiting the places where Venice itself is born, a taste of its history, discovering the agricultural fishing and hunting resources that allowed the Doges and the Serenissima Republic’s growth.
Yes, you can be part of it.

The Doges’ properties

The fish valleys hearted in the Lagoon are the ideal location to stay with friends or family in an exclusive environment filled with nature and history but also with all daily amenities, comfort and facilities.
Tides will allow you in specific daily time to experience “the below the sea level feeling”.

Trip Ideas

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