Project Description

The Prosecco hills

Many people know and appreciate Prosecco sparkling wine, but few ones are aware that it is produced in these amazing hills! At North of the Venice Lagoon, next to the Dolomites mountains a few miles from Treviso, this calm and silent territory is full of old homesteads and new taverns offering gourmet restaurants and wine tasting.

Scenic sightseeing cycling in the authentic sparkling bubbles

Cycling in the vineyards up and down the hills on itineraries with speechless lookout on castles, villages and breathtaking sightseeing where the history of Italy took place. For reasonably fit and professional cyclers, betting adventures are on the loop. Not enough? The Dolomites are around the corner and recommended to avid riders!
From hill to hill heading west, welcome to Asolo, the “city of a hundred horizons”, a must worth visit.

Living the ancient village life

16th-century buildings and old palazzi will open their doors to guests who wish to be inspired by forgotten memories and unknown flavors, where history has left a mark on and today the Prosecco sparkling wine reigns supreme.

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