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The Euganian hills – the extinct volcano hills

Heaven on earth, a special place including about a hundred conical shaped hills of volcanic origins, birthplace of Francesco Petrarca, the famous 14th-century Italian poet, philosopher and writer. This place also inspired poets like Foscolo, Byron and Shelley.
The volcanic eruptions have finished but a production of an underground specific term mineral water and its special therapic mud are still maintained. The spa town of Abano, located between olive groves, vineyards, chestnut and oaks woods, has been worldwide well-known as “salus per aquam” for more than two thousands years.

Cycling among the Spas

Cycling into the Euganian Park made of 81 hills between 300 and 600 meters high, full of up and down itineraries, and more than 10 villages that the spa activity made renowned worldwide. Patrician villas and rural charming houses with rare hidden botanical and private gardens thanks to the special micro climate is a paradise for cyclers.

In the frescoes and in the art

To relax in the Doges’ Park, enjoying frescoes walls, porchs and gazebos in wonderful gardens that the Venetian nobles built to demonstrate their power and magnitude. Charming locations where art and culture melt with the pleasure of the excellent cuisine and the well-being of body and soul.

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