Beyond the bike

Our, your, travel is accompanied by unique experiences, in a land of many surprises: you can learn one of the most fascinating traditions of Venice – the venetian rowing – like a true gondolier; walking and climbing accompanied by a guide of the Squirrels of Cortina, on the mountains, recognised by Unesco as world Heritage: the Dolomites; taste the prosecco in the most renowned wineries and in the territory that made him famous in the world together with the owners and wine producers that better than anyone else will tell you about it. The taste you left her due to space, for example, to learn from a renowned Chef the secrets of specialities and traditional recipes. The art declined in all its forms, such as the arts and crafts of the highest quality and most famous in the world, so discovering the techniques of the workmanship of the glass or the skills necessary to weave fine lace and fabrics, up to the art of the goldsmith by entering into the “shops” of old. Finally, art and culture in their infinite events that follow one another in the seasons with events, concerts and exhibitions. Alternatively, you can dedicate your time to your favorite hobbies: golf, horseback riding, yoga, …every day will be an experience and a lasting memory.

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