Project Description

The Great Giant

Among the well-known cities of art of Venice, Ferrara, Ravenna and Padua, the Po River, the Great giant marks the path and still nowadays it strongly shapes one of the most humid wide plain of Europe.
Charming landscapes where nature and human intervention melt along the centuries, harmonizing a fragile and changing balance between land and water in a pristine environment creating a warm and hospitable atmosphere, where sand beaches and dunes alternatively take place and modify shapes.

Cycling among and on the waters

Cycling in the park of the Po Delta across its seven branches where the Great giant shapes a land of embankments, rivers, reeds groves, islands, touristic marinas, boat bridges, lagoon valleys to reach the Adriatic Sea and its sandy welcoming beaches. A nature full of more than 400 bird species and more than a thousand different plants ready to fulfill an intense palette rich of colors.

Beyond the river

Another unforgettable experience is to stay in a wonderful Villa dated back to 1700, witness of all the venetian charming old traditions.
A unique corner of Italy, authentic and known to a few, but well-known to poets and international musicians and artists, where to spend time with friends and family in an exclusive and calm environment, full of nature and traditions.

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