Who we are

CharmingCycling is a way of travelling by bike, borne of the idea of two friends who love the life’s pleasures. They are united by their passion for sport and nature, to discover new territories and exclusive settings.

This is how they decided to involve the friends and acquaintances of the owners of villas, palaces and castles abounding in history and traditions in a network, where charm feels like home!

CharmingCycling give you the keys to enter on the private property more beautiful and to be able to share with the owners a holiday full of authenticity, comfort and originality.

CharmingCycling you will also provide technical assistance by providing you with the bikes more suitable and unique, pedal-assisted, and everything you need to be able to ride in maximum pleasure. For those who prefer to move around independently, you will be equipped with tools and paper, and the satellite, or you can request the support of a guide. Your luggage will always be waiting for you in the case of arrival along with a welcome toast and you… you’ll have to just enjoy the ride with CharmingCycling.

The CharmingCycling founders

Giuseppe de Lassotovitch was born in Venice and graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University in Milan. For over 30 years he has worked among consulting, fashion and retail companies. In the last 20 years he has held the role of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the companies he has worked for. He lives with his wife and sons near Treviso and has always been passionate about sports and travel that alternates at work. He’s a big fan of cycling and he also owns a gondola with which, together with friends, he likes to row around the lagoon.

Carlo Marchesi was born in Venice, he grew up and still lives with his wife and his three sons in the countryside near Treviso.
He studied agriculture as a preparation to his future in managing the family properties among which is included a fishing valley (fish farm) in the Venice lagoon. Since his early years he practiced rugby agonistically; Carlo is a mountain lover and he keeps on doing many outdoor activities. He has prepared various marathons in the last years from Greenland to Istanbul. With his sporty family he has traveled around Europe falling in love with slow travelling and revaluating the pleasure of being able to discover the territories in their depth thanks to personal efforts.

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